The ‘Liberal Redneck’ Returns With Thanksgiving Advice for Trump Haters (Video)

The ‘Liberal Redneck’ Returns With Thanksgiving Advice for Trump Haters (Video)

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If you’re wondering where Trae Crowder — who goes by the nom de plume The Liberal Redneck — has been hiding since Election Day, he’s back with a brand-new message leading up to Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday. (Oh, and in case you were really wondering: “I’ve been lying drunk, drowning my sorrows, man.”)

According to Crowder, the time has come for the debate to change gears: Instead of endlessly arguing over who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong,’ it’s time to understand why Trump was elected and what we can learn from it.

“Right now, he says, “in this moment, in this America, do you really feel like it matters who’s right and who’s wrong? Cause it don’t.”

Crowder says:

We can keep shoving our heads up our high horse’s asses all we want, acting like there ain’t shit for us to learn about what just happened, but as long as we do that, we ain’t no better than a climate change denier who gets dickslapped with evidence and goes ‘ah well it was cold on Easter – fuck the grandkids anyway.’ We ain’t no better. And as long as we do that we will continue to lose.

More importantly, though, Crowder answers a question nagging many a queer person who’s about to sit down for turkey with Trump-voting relatives:

What’re you gonna do? You’re gonna throw gravy in his stupid old face? Tell him to shove the turkey baster up his ass? That ain’t no way to act. It’s a problem I’d love to have by the way. Both my papaws are dead and gone, all right? Both somewhat racist, both probably would have voted for Trump. Still miss ’em. Still give anything to be able to get drunk on dressing with ’em on Thursday. I loved ’em in spite of that shit. Ain’t that how it’s supposed to work?

Whether you take Crowder’s advice or not is totally up to you, but watch the video below:

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