Finally, Someone’s Making Lifelike Male Sex Dolls

Finally, Someone’s Making Lifelike Male Sex Dolls

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Female sex dolls have been around for ages. But now a company in Southern California proudly proclaims it is making the world’s first life-like male sex doll.

The company is called Sinthetics, and they make each doll (or manikin, as they prefer to call them) by hand individually. They cost more than $6,750 and can be customized by skin color, head, teeth, penis (obviously), and many other important features. The process takes months.

Bronwen Keller, co-owner of Sinthetics, told a Vice reporter that most of their clients are from conservative states like Texas and Minnesota.

Satisfied customer Jessica Ryan, an adult performer, says she bought one because she’s in a long distance relationship and “this is so much easier than doing a Tindr date.”

A Vice reporter gave one a test drive and said, “It feels exactly like a real person.” If you want to watch it (and watch one being made), there’s a very NSFW video here (warning: lots of synthetic dongs and butts). Vice calls the manikins a triumph for women’s equality and focuses mainly on hetero interest in the dolls, but there appears to be no reason why a man couldn’t use them.


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