Like All Best Friends, Dogs Will Totally Back You Up

Like All Best Friends, Dogs Will Totally Back You Up

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That’s right, Milhouse, dogs are outstanding. They’re adorable, loyal, furry, crafty critters. The cliche is that you’ll never have a better friend than your dog… and as it turns out, if someone disrespects you and your dog sees, your dog’s not gonna put up with that dude.

Honestly, we probably already knew that. (See Fig. 1 “Dogs are outstanding” above.) But now, thanks to Kazuo Fujita, we’ve got proof. The professor from Kyoto University set up a study involving three groups of 18 dogs and their owners. In each of the tests, the dog’s owner would appear to have trouble opening a box near two other people the dog didn’t know. In one group, the owner would ask one of the people for help and be refused. In the second group, the owner would get the help, and in the third group, the owner wouldn’t ask anyone. In each of these tests, the person who was not asked for help remained neutral.

Afterwards, both people the dog didn’t know would offer food. In the cases where both people remained neutral, or if someone helped the dog’s owner, the dog would show no marked preference between the two. Which is kinda sweet actually, since they’re giving the neutrals the benefit of the doubt; they weren’t given an opportunity to prove themselves good or bad, so they assume people are good until otherwise proven.


stare intensifies


On the other hand, when the owner’s plea for help was rejected, most dogs would refuse the food from the person who refused to hel, but they’d instead take the food from the neutral party.

Some dog owners might be surprised by that — most dogs have the reputation of just wanting to eat all the food. But as it turns out, we should have given them more credit than that. Dogs take care of you, dawg.

Featured image from 6youngsparrow9.

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