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Like Lady Gaga? Then You’ll Love the Costumed Weirdness of “I Am Your Grandma”

Why we’re covering this: Mayer puts traditional female roles on their ear by recording a video for future generations that show’s she’s anything but traditional. We love art that bucks convention and eye-popping costumes: this video has both!

Recording a message to her future unborn grandchild, artist Jillian Mayer cheerily tells the camera, “One day, I’m going to have a baby!” She then changes into an array of hilarious and frightening Lady Gaga-esque costumes while singing, “That baby will have a baby and you will have this song to know that I am your grandma… I am your grandma!”

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Though this video originally dropped in 2011, it’s still worth a look, especially if you’re obsessed with art and digital media, like Mayer is. She once photoshopped her face onto 400 nude images and released them as a huge art project. Problematic? Yes. Edgy? You bet.