Lindsay Lohan Wants People to Stop ‘Bullying’ Donald Trump, and She Might Be Right

Lindsay Lohan Wants People to Stop ‘Bullying’ Donald Trump, and She Might Be Right

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On Monday, American actress Lindsay Lohan — the star of such films as Mean GirlsI Know Who Killed Me and Scary Movie 5 — sent out two tweets. The first told people to stop bullying U.S. President Donald Trump and start supporting him. The second said that Trump, his wife Melania and his daughter Ivanka are kind people, adding “As an American, why speak poorly of anyone?” with the hashtags #FAITH and #July4th.

Here are two reasons why Lohan’s wrong and one reason why she’s absolutely right.

Lohan is wrong because the label “bully” best fits Trump, not his critics.

The word “bully” literally means “a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” Since Trump is the leader of one of the world’s most powerful countries, nearly everyone else has less power and influence than he does and are therefore weaker. A weaker person literally cannot “bully” someone more powerful than them; they can criticize, mock, insult or threaten him, but they cannot bully him.

Trump, on the other hand, often uses his Twitter account to bully and intimidate others. For example, when United Steelworkers President Chuck Jones criticized President-Elect Trump’s Carrier business deal, Trump insulted Jones in a series of tweets and soon after, Jones started receiving death threats from Trump’s followers.

Publicly insulting a private citizen in front of 33.4 million Twitter followers — that’s what bullying looks like.

Lohan is wrong because Trump and his wife are not “kind people.”

Trump’s new health care plan will deny health care access for the country’s sickest and poorest citizens. His wife supported her husband’s racist birther conspiracies against former President Barack Obama and refused to command her anti-Semitic fans to stop sending death and rape threats to a Jewish journalist who wrote an unflattering profile of her.

“Kind people” do not do those things.

Lohan is right because bullying is not how we should handle Trump.

Americans would do better to stop attacking Trump on social media and start focusing on the consequences of his policies instead. As lesbian political pundit Rachel Maddow says of the Trump administration, “Don’t pay attention to what they say, focus on what they do.”

Pointing out the consequences of Trump’s policies could influence far more Americans and affect his political decisions in more significant ways than any other types of “bullying” ever could.

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