Lindsay Lohan May Have Converted to Islam

Lindsay Lohan May Have Converted to Islam

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For once, Lindsay Lohan’s latest plot twist doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol.

Yes we are fans but lets face it: Lohan is the poster person for child star gone wrong. Her career started as a fashion model at the age of three and then continued to feature her in some of the best worse films ever. OK, you’re right. Mean Girls is simply the best film ever (and may be the next best musical on Broadway, too). Lohan then got DUI after DUI, finally ending her up in court ordered rehab.

Lohan hasn’t really worked in years, but she is back in headlines not because of her latest project but because she may have converted to Islam. How random is that?

Over the weekend, Lohan deleted all video and pictures from her Instagram and replaced her bio with a simple Arabic pleasantry.

Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan spurred rumors of a conversion to Islam over the weekend, when she deleted all her Instagram photos and replaced her bio with an Arabic peace greeting.

The wannabe philanthropist’s social media page — which was once littered with lingerie-clad selfies — is now a blank slate, except for her black and white profile photo and the phrase “Alaikum Salam,” which translates as “and peace unto you.”

While we think it is super random, Page Six actually explains the actress has been courting the religion for years.

The 30-year-old has been rumored to be flirting with the religion for years, since she was first seen in 2015 carrying a Qur’an while completing community service in Brooklyn.

She rang in the New Year in the Middle East, and was spotted cozying up to a mystery man in Dubai.

With a huge gay following, maybe Lohan can bridge the gap between the Muslim and LGBT communities. Both have quite a lot of homophobia and Islamophobia respectively, and it would be nice to see more acceptance in both.

For now, it looks like Lohan is possibly trying to clean up her image with this speculated conversion. But the question we really have is; what will happen to her “Can’t Be Tamed” video?

Please Lindsay! Just leave us with that. That is all we ask of you.

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