Little Rock Gay Couple’s Dream Home Vandalized with Homophobic Graffiti News

Little Rock Gay Couple’s Dream Home Vandalized with Homophobic Graffiti

Written by Alexander Kacala on January 09, 2017
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File this under heartbreaking.

A gay couple came by their fixer upper in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas to find homophobic and racist graffiti out front.

Trey and Carl Willis bought the home on Louisiana Street back in February 2016 and have been fixing it up to be their dream home ever since. After volunteering in the neighborhood early Saturday, they went by to check-in on their work-in-progress. What they found was the n-word, the phrase “butt boys” and various gang symbols scribbled out front.

Even though the couple was discouraged, they were more worried about their fellow community members’ reactions. “There are so many people that have embraced me and made moving here such a welcoming experience,” Trey Willis told THV 11. “I just knew they would be gutted for me when they saw this.”

Even though this is a set back, the Willis’ will continue moving on with their dream. “We’re going to fix this baby up and make it shine and it’s costing everything I’ve brought with me across the states,” Trey said. “This is a huge investment and all I want to do is to make the neighborhood a better place.”

This attack comes one week after a Los Angeles gay couple had their home vandalized with anti-gay graffiti and other serious damages.


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