Log Cabin Republicans Gala Will Be at Trump Hotel, Despite Everything Awful He’s Done

Log Cabin Republicans Gala Will Be at Trump Hotel, Despite Everything Awful He’s Done

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In less than a year in office, Donald Trump has proven that both he, and his cabinet, are enemies of the LGBT community.

Following Trump’s inaugural address, the LGBT rights page was removed from the White House website. He refused to acknowledge Pride month. He canceled Pride celebrations at the White House. He had the audacity to speak with an anti-LGBT organization during Pride. He’s opened the door for religious organizations to discriminate against the queer community. Most recently, he banned trans soldiers from serving in the military, using harmful rhetoric with no basis in facts.

Despite this growing list, America’s oldest gay Republican organization has chosen to host their 40th Anniversary Gala at the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.. While many Trump hotels don’t necessarily have an affiliation with Donald Trump, this specific hotel does. Many politicians and diplomats have pledged to spend money there as a “friendly gesture” in support of the president.

While the Log Cabin Republicans have never endorsed Trump for president, they did say that his administration was the most LGBT-friendly in recent history.

The group’s president, Gregory T. Angelo, told TheWrap that “our desired original venue was unable to accommodate us on any of our desired dates,” making clear it was not their first choice. He then added that “the Trump Hotel gave us a very competitive deal.”

When pressed about the Trump’s handling of Charlottesville, Angelo stated that it was met with “some discussion, but with barely a month until the event and every prime hotel booked a change of venue would be impractical.”

Angelo also pointed out that the Hotel will not be highlighted in any special way.

“We are not making a point of showcasing the venue, and we were never going to. If this event was promoted as ‘A Celebration of Trump’ or featured him as a speaker, criticism of Log Cabin Republicans would be more than warranted, but that’s not the reality.”

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