After Just 6 Weeks, Porn Star Fiancés Logan Moore and Josh Moore Have Broken Up

After Just 6 Weeks, Porn Star Fiancés Logan Moore and Josh Moore Have Broken Up

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It feels like just yesterday porn star couple Logan Moore and Josh Moore announced their engagement. Well, their engagement is off, as Logan took to social media to announce their break up.

“I have some emotional news to share,” he says. “Josh decided to took off one week ago. He said ‘he was not happy.’ The whole week has been very difficult and heavy for me. And, I wish I could change it and take life into a different direction. These things happen. Don’t attack Josh, please. Because he is a very sweet guy. I hope he finds happiness somewhere else.”

Logan’s video caption also claims that Josh is no longer working. People assumed this means he is retiring. Logan took to social media to clarify Josh isn’t retiring, but the duo will have to cancel all future shoots together.

From the video and other tweets, Logan is claiming that Josh should change his name. The drama!

Logan also claims that he was blindsided by the break-up.

There hasn’t been much out of Josh Moore since the break-up, but one bulleted tweet seems to try and set the record straight.

We’re curious what his side of the story is. Last year, Josh came out against Michael Lucas, accusing the porn studio filmmaker for endangering his health. Since, Lucas has been trying to block Josh from performing anywhere else ever since. This break-up will only add more obstacles in the porn performer’s way.

We hope whatever happens next, Josh and Logan Moore find the happiness they are looking for.

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