Logo’s ‘Prince Charming’ is a Well-Endowed Former Sex Worker

Logo’s ‘Prince Charming’ is a Well-Endowed Former Sex Worker

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Everyone has been crowing about LOGO’s upcoming reality romance competition Finding Prince Charming because “it’s a gay version of The Bachelor” (nevermind that The Bachelor is a miserable show) and because of its hunky “prize”, a muscle-clad Fabio-type named Robert Sepulveda Jr.. Well it turns out that Sepulvada used to be a Fort Lauderdale sex worker and of course there are pictures of his dick online.

[EDITOR’S NOTE (9/1/16): After some internal discussion, we have decided to un-publish our nude photos of Mr. Sepulveda out of his respect for his wishes to leave his past as a sex worker behind — while his past as a sex worker is newsworthy, his genitals are not. In the future Unicorn Booty will no longer publish celebrity nudes unless those shots are published with the celebrity’s consent. We apologize to Mr. Sepulveda and to our readers who value consent; it’s a principle we take seriously and we appreciate the commenters and fellow journalists who weighed in on our decision. We have left this article otherwise tact for transparency’s sake and as a record for our thinking at the time it occurred.]

You can also watch the trailer for Finding Prince Charming below, if you care…



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