Terrorism Won’t Win: Man Pledges to Keep ‘Flirting With Handsome Men’ After London Attack

Terrorism Won’t Win: Man Pledges to Keep ‘Flirting With Handsome Men’ After London Attack

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33-year-old Richard Angell was enjoying drinks and food with friends at a restaurant when the terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market took place Saturday evening. An interview with Angell has now gone viral, showing his defiant and brilliant response to the attackers who perpetuated the heinous acts.

Seven people were killed and 48 more injured when three attackers drove a van into a crowd of people before stabbing countless others on Saturday night.

Angell, an LGBT rights campaigner, was with friends in Borough Market where one of the attackers stabbed people at random nearby.

BBC News returned to the scene with Angell. There, he gave a powerful interview that brilliantly defies hate. He told them: “If me having a G&T in a nice bar, flirting with handsome men, upsets them – I’m going to do it more.”

“I’ll be going back to the same restaurant to finish my meal, pay my bill and give then a double tip. They cared about us and our safety.”

Recalling the night’s terrifying events, he told The Mirror: “The waiter jammed his foot in the door to make sure it stayed closed, people were turning over tables and chairs to take cover,” he said.

“I looked up and there was this guy throwing an entire table at somebody. This heroic guy who saw what was happening and started bombarding these cowardly people with anything he could get his hands on.”

“These people shouldn’t win,” he said. “This is the best city in the world and Borough Market is one of my favorite bits of the best city in the world. I’m not going to let the barbaric acts of cowardly people minimize that.”

Watch Richard Angell’s interview after the London Attack here:

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