London ‘Gay-Free Zone’ Now Threatening Women Who Show Hair

London ‘Gay-Free Zone’ Now Threatening Women Who Show Hair

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We warned you in February about the “Gay-Free Zone” stickers that began appearing in East London, threatening England’s homosexuals to stay the F out. The stickers adorning lampposts and telephone poles read, “Arise and Warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment.” At the same time, five muslim extremists were arrested for handing out anti-gay pamphlets calling for homosexuality to be met with the death penalty. Sounds like a lovely neighborhood, right?

Rather than push back against this alarming wave of homophobia, the city chose to run from it. Last month, East London’s Pride Parade was cancelled amid fears of anti-gay violence. Today, the disturbing barometer goes up a few notches more.

East London women who fail to wear headscarves, or hajib, are being threatened with death, according to new reports. has the story:

Islamic extremists bent on imposing Sharia law have threatened women and told them to cover up their heads, it has been claimed. One woman was told she faced death if she failed to don the hijab, or headscarf, in east London’s Tower Hamlets.

Signs warning the area is a “gay-free zone” have also been seen while posters at bus shelters featuring models and a Bollywood film have been defaced with black paint. Incidents involving posters have also happened in Birmingham.

An Asian Whitechapel shopkeeper, who is not a practising Muslim and who dresses in western clothes, said she was told to cover up last month or face a boycott of her pharmacy. When she went to the press a man came to the shop, she said, telling her, “If you keep doing these things we will kill you”. She spoke to police last week.

The news comes after Iraqi Mohamed Al Hakim, 30, was spared jail for threatening to kill his cousin if she didn’t cover her head. He claimed Alya Al Safar, 21, had branded her family as “bitches and whores”. But firebrand Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary insisted the Muslims were only giving “advice”.

Um, can we please get some police foot traffic in this neighborhood? And can we rip down those ridiculous “Gay-Free Zone” signs? What on earth are British authorities, let alone residents, tolerating this insanity for? Take back your neighborhood, boys and girls.

Why is this misogyny and homophobia being tolerated in one of the gayest cities in the world?

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