London’s ‘Meat’ Took Over The Glory, and We Have Pics of the Sexy Partiers

London’s ‘Meat’ Took Over The Glory, and We Have Pics of the Sexy Partiers

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Last weekend, London’s ‘meat’ party took over the hub of East London’s gay scene, The Glory.

Here we speak to the party’s promoter, also the editor of meat magazine, Adrian Lourie:

Unicorn Booty: So tell us about the meat party!

Adrian Lourie: The meat party is a monthly night that switches between three venues in East and South London: Dalston Superstore, The Glory and Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

We’re the only party in town doing that, and our crowd is the most diverse, wicked and fabulous on the London gay scene! This is our fifth year, and we’re stronger and bigger and more popular than we’ve ever been. Every party causes a roadblock outside the venue.

The night is unpretentious beer and dancing, with a distinct focus on the music, be that disco, house, hip-hop, pop or techno. We curate our guest DJs very carefully, and it shows. The parties tie in with meat zine (the cult printed gay pinup ‘zine) and visually no one can touch us. We go beyond producing just cheap flyers and posters. We have a distinct  point of view—be yourself and love yourself—no matter what you look like or what tribe you belong to. Everyone is welcome at meat.

How does it feel to take over The Glory?

The Glory is always a riot! It’s very distinct in East London and already feels like it has a very deep history with the gay community, even though it’s still a fairly new venue. Our hearts belong to Jonny Woo and John Sizzle. They are heroes to us. Plus, there’s nothing like a knees up in an old East End boozer. That’s a vibe that suits meat perfectly.

What kind of sounds would we hear?

Anything from Little Mix via Missy Elliott to Todd Terje, Sylvester and beyond. The best London DJs have played for us, from Severino to Nick Fischer, Panos Z, TheMenWhoFell2Earth, Bright Light Bright Light and Hifi Sean. There’s always something for everyone. No party is ever the same.

When’s the next one?

Our next party is at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on March 10. It coincides with the launch of the latest issue of meat zine, which was shot in Berlin, so we’re gonna have a distinctly German flavor to proceedings.

Check out photos from the party, featuring a cameo by Sam Smith, below:

Photos by Paul Grace.

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