Looking For ‘Looking’ Star Jonathan Groff’s Penis? Here It Is!

Looking For ‘Looking’ Star Jonathan Groff’s Penis? Here It Is!

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Male nudity in films is much rarer than the female kind. In fact, the first cinematic dick this writer ever saw growing up was Graham Chapman’s chapman stick in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian. Luckily for us, actors like Jonathan Groff from HBO’s Looking are breaking the taboo. The actor has said he has no problem appearing nude in films. He told Vulture: “I don’t think about how it’ll end up on the Internet. I just do my work and whatever happens, happens. I love that you’re so concerned about me. People, you know, people do what they do on the Internet. But I appreciate your concern.”

So, if he’s not worried, we’re not worried! We’ve found some of the scenes from his 2010 film Twelve Thirty and we’ve selected the best to share.

Looks like he’s in good company with Orlando Bloom! And, of course, if you want to see another angle from a few years ago, you can see his bare butt in Flannel Pajamas! (That’s a movie, not an oxymoron.)

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