Life Imitates Art for Lorde, Who Has Officially Been Hung in the Louvre

Life Imitates Art for Lorde, Who Has Officially Been Hung in the Louvre

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One of the best songs off Lorde’s 2017 sophomore album Melodrama is “The Louvre.” The title comes from the now-famous lines, “But we’re the greatest / They’ll hang us in the Louvre / Down the back, but who cares — still the Louvre.” And now a fan has made her Lorde Louvre dreams come true by bringing her own copy of Melodrama to the acclaimed museum and (briefly) hanging it:

Nina Richard is a huge fan of Lorde. The Parisian student and photographer says Lorde’s her favorite artist — and, well, we get it. She brought her signed copy of Melodrama with her and put it up next to the Mona Lisa for a quick picture.

She told Triple J Radio that she told her friend about her idea, who was skeptical — but was down. “I’m so sure we can find a little room and do it quickly. And she was like ‘I’m gonna follow you, but you’re crazy as fuck.’”

Richard was looking for a place to hang it:

You’re gonna think I’m completely crazy. I wanted to hang it down the back; it fits with the song so it was cool. But there were actually a lot of security down the back, and not many people. So I told my friend, “OK, we’re going to hang it in a big room with a lot of paintings.” And it was like “You’re crazy, you can’t do that!” And we actually hanged it the room before the Mona Lisa — so it wasn’t down the back at all! But there were so many people there, so security was watching everyone, so there was a chance I wouldn’t get caught.

While she did get the shot, she also aroused the suspicions of the Louvre’s security:

Get the camera ready, I’m going to hang it between this statue and this painting, and we’re gonna do it quickly because the security is gonna see us. So I hung it, and my friend took the pictures, and we were like “we gotta go”, and the security started talking into Walkie-talkies, and walked quite fast up to us, and we were like “Run now!” 

Richard has been handling her newfound internet fame well — with another Lorde joke:

So far, Lorde herself hasn’t commented, but then she’s had a busy day. Not only has she been hanged in the Louvre, she also snatched a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.

Featured image by Nina Richard

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