L’Oréal Appoints ‘Beauty Boy’ Jake-Jamie Ward to Launch New Makeup Products

L’Oréal Appoints ‘Beauty Boy’ Jake-Jamie Ward to Launch New Makeup Products

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Something is changing in the ultra-gendered makeup world. For several months now, major brands in the U.S. have adopted the codes of a more genderfluid generation, open to diversity and no longer hesitating to put forward African-American and transgender models.

Earlier this year, Rimmel London chose 17-year-old YouTube star Lewys Ball as the first male beauty ambassador for its advertising campaign.

Also in the UK, L’Oréal just appointed famous YouTuber Jake-Jamie Ward, who also counts no less than 16,000 followers on Instagram, for its advertising campaign, alongside five female models.

Jake-Jamie runs a blog titled “The Beauty Boy,” on which he campaigns that #MakeupIsGenderless. It is probably for this reason, and for its viral celebrity, that he was chosen by L’Oréal, explains the site .Mic, for two new products: a foundation and a concealer palette.

Jake-Jamie confirmed it in an interview: “L’Oréal approached me after being impressed with my efforts to prove #MakeupIsGenderless. We went for coffee, hit it off straight away and the rest was history!”

The L’Oréal video:

For their part, the models are also more often out, and we recently talked about the coming-out as intersex of Hanne Gaby Odiele, a Belgian model.

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