L’Oréal Has Dropped Its First Trans Model Over a Facebook Post About Racism

L’Oréal Has Dropped Its First Trans Model Over a Facebook Post About Racism

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Last week, the cosmetics company L’Oréal selected 29-year-old transgender model Munroe Bergdorf as one of 23 stars for their new #YoursTruly campaign to promote their True Match foundation for non-white skin tones. She was first transgender woman ever to appear in a L’Oréal Paris campaign in the U.K..

However, less than a week later, they fired her for publishing a social media post calling white people “the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth.”

Bergdorf first thanked L’Oréal for letting her represent trans women

When Bergdorf was first chosen for the #YoursTruly campaign, she posted a heartbreaking memory of her as an eight-year-old child watching the transphobic climax of 1994 Jim Carrey comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In the film, the antagonist gets publicly stripped down to her underwear and exposed as “a man” causing all her previous sexual partners to vomit in disgust.

“It may seem trivial to some,” Bergdorf wrote, “but I carried that ‘punchline’ throughout my adolescence, it made me feel guilty and confused about who I truly was, so I pushed my true self into my subconscious and tried to be someone I was not.”

She admittedly disliked being considered a role model (“because none of us need to be compared to each other”), but thanked L’Oréal for giving her a platform to present a positive trans person to young trans people.

Bergdorf’s post ended, “The world is changing and I like how the world is changing. Because we are ALL worth it. #allworthit #yourstruly @lorealmakeup.”

Less than a week later, L’Oréal dropped her from their campaign.

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