Beach Hunk Lorenzo Martone Causes a Midwinter Heat Wave (Photos)

Beach Hunk Lorenzo Martone Causes a Midwinter Heat Wave (Photos)

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We know it’s currently winter in the Northern Hemisphere, these pics of beach hunk Lorenzo Martone are causing a heat wave … in our pants.

Back in 2009, Martone was the hunky hus-bear of unfortunately tattooed fashion designer Marc Jacobs; the two would often walk the Caribbean beaches of St. Bart’s Island, blissfully hand-in-hand wearing skimpy bathing suits. Blissfully, that is, until 2010 when Mortone was reportedly kissed some woman’s boyfriend at an amfAR after-party. After that, the couple split and Lance Bass started chasing after Martone for some sweet rebound action.

But all that drama is in the past, thank god, and Martone has graduated from sandy bear cub to full-blown beach-stud as evidenced in his recent photo shoot with OhLaLa Mag. Martone still hangs in St. Bart’s, but these days, he owns a designer bicycle company and all that cycling has apparently turned his legs into meaty drumsticks of pleasure. He’s also got some succulent pecs and arms, not to mention his untanned man-cakes—sweet lord!

If we saw him on the beach, we’d think he was a mer-man luring us to our doom … and we’d totally follow him there. Oh yes, we would. Did we mention that his equally hunky boyfriend Rhiyen Sharp shot these photos? Such a loving, lusty eye. Seeing them together in public would literally set our bodies aflame, so it’s good that we only have pics of Martone (and that those pics are mostly nude).

You can see the full set at OhLaLa Mag. Bring a cold drink.


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