Louisiana Vs. Anal Sex

Louisiana Vs. Anal Sex

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LA, crime against nature

Despite 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas striking down laws banning gay sex practically everywhere, Louisiana still has an archaic law “Crime Against Nature” law on the books that lumps oral and anal sex between consenting adults right in with bestiality.

The 200 year old law is being challenged by a group of 9 anonymous plaintiffs, but not for the reasons you would imagine. The group seeks to decriminalize prostitutes soliciting oral and anal sex, as they are currently added to state sex offender lists after a second arrest under the law. The group is calling this practice out as unconstitutional and discriminatory towards homosexuals and transexuals, as well as impoverished minority women.

Hmm. It sounds like they have a point. While prostitution is hardly a sunny profession, if heterosexual women aren’t added to sex offender lists – something that can haunt a person for their entire life – for breaking prostitution laws, then gay men surely shouldn’t be unfairly singled out either.

Times change, and while for the most part the country’s view on prostitution hasn’t changed, our feelings toward our LGBT citizens have made leaps and bounds. The law of all states, not just Louisiana, should reflect the progress and acceptance the LGBT community has earned in the past 200 years.

Are you happy to see gay prostitutes in Louisiana take up this cause? A bit confused? Do tell!

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