Lucian Piane from ‘Drag Race’ Trusts Trump More Than Clinton

Lucian Piane from ‘Drag Race’ Trusts Trump More Than Clinton

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Lucian Piane, a well-known fixture at RuPaul’s Drag Race who occasionally helps the queens with musical challenges, recently announced via social media that he “will ABSOLUTELY NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton” adding “I will always trust someone who speaks their mind over someone who tells you what they think you want to hear”.

If that’s so, then Piane can trust that Trump will continue to support transphobic bathroom bills, to appoint judges who share his opposition to same-sex marriage, to sign a law legalizing LGBT discrimination nationwide and to support his rabidly anti-gay vice presidential candidate and the anti-LGBT Republican national platform. Not that any of these issues matter to Piane; Piane says, “LGBT issues should be nowhere near the top of deciding factors for this election. People are dying. Wake up.”

Piane is right, people are dying, and with Trump’s plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act on day one of his presidency and cut Medicare benefits, even more will die. Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has coincided with a spike in anti-Muslim violence (including three murders by avowed Trump supporters) meaning that more Muslims will die alongside his anti-Muslim rhetoric (especially as he uses it to pit gays against Muslims). And thousands of people die in state prisons each year (3,351 in 2012 alone) meaning that Trump’s promise to triple the number of private prisons will send the number well above 10,000.

People are dying, and you can trust Trump to increase that number dramatically. This isn’t to say that people won’t die under Clinton, but you have to wonder why Piane trusts a candidate who lies during debates about his support of the 2003 Iraq Invasion, who lies during debates about his belief that climate change is a Chinese hoax and who lies less than an hour after the debate about being smart for dodging taxes. With trust like that, who needs honesty?

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