Lucian Piane Launches GoFundMe for ‘Bomb Ass Album,’ Raises Only $15

Lucian Piane Launches GoFundMe for ‘Bomb Ass Album,’ Raises Only $15

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For the latest in the very public meltdown of disgraced former RuPaul’s Drag Race on-camera personality Lucian Piane, one need look no further than GoFundMe. The crowd-funding site, used to initiate fundraising campaigns for everything from personal emergencies to entertainment projects, has most recently been put to use to fund Piane’s newest project—a “bomb ass album.”

So reads the page Piane has set up for “Lucian Album”:

I wanna make a bomb ass album.

The money is going to be to hire an orchestra, orchestrator, copyists, producers, mixing, mastering and any other misc expenses.

Thanks for your help. I guarantee you it will be amazing.

Help spread the word!

Unfortunately, Piane’s GoFundMe effort is not faring very well, only having raised $15 of its $120,000 goal in the last two days (at the time of this post). The seven comments that have been left on the GoFundMe page aren’t particularly supportive either.

Liane has found himself quite the talk of social media lately, making headlines for eyebrow-raising pre-election comments that he trusted Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton, urging his followers to prepare for World War III by buying bleach to drink and bathe in, and most recently spewing vile racial epithets.

Most recently, RuPaul himself pleaded for compassion when dealing with Piane, presumably because he feels Piane is going through a legitimate mental breakdown. We hope that Piane is able to find the help he needs.

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