lucian piane weed, lucian piane marijuana 2
lucian piane weed, lucian piane marijuana 2

Lucian Piane from ‘Drag Race’ Blames Marijuana Overdose for Public Meltdowns

Last year, Lucian Piane—the musical mentor on RuPaul’s Drag Race—had two very public Twitter meltdowns that caused him to espouse political conspiracy theories and encourage the use of racial slurs. Today Piane provided an explanation for the cause of his behavior: A marijuana overdose.

On Piane’s Instagram, he posted the following explanation:

lucian piane weed, lucian piane marijuana 2

Poor labelling on marijuana edibles have resulted in people overdosing and having severe psychological reactions, so his explanation isn’t entirely without precedent. Still, many on social media are questioning the validity of Piane’s claim.

After his public meltdowns, RuPaul herself pleaded for compassion and Piane later launched a “bomb-ass” crowdfunding campaign for a new album which only gained $55 of its $120,000 goal.

No matter the cause, mental episodes of any sort can have lasting effects, so we’re hoping that Piane continues to get whatever help he needs.

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