Lucian Piane’s Implosion on Social Media Isn’t Over, Apparently

Lucian Piane’s Implosion on Social Media Isn’t Over, Apparently

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Uh-oh. Who gave Lucian Piane another marijuana edible? A few weeks after blaming weed edibles for his first two social media meltdowns, the musical assistant from RuPaul’s Drag Race has resumed publishing unhinged tweets. This time, he’s endorsing Donald Trump, praising professional hate-monger Milo Yiannopoulos and speaking against RuPaul, the only person who pled compassion for Piane shortly after his second meltdown.

Here are some of Piane’s latest tweets:

In addition to his tweets, Piane has also published a few Instagram images accusing RuPaul and the production team behind RuPaul’s Drag Race of not really caring about him and ruining drag culture.

Piane’s first social media meltdown, which lasted a few weeks, had him posting about various political conspiracy theories including the Clintons being child molesters and Barack Obama smoking crack and having gay sex. His second meltdown told Jews to get over the Holocaust and encouraged white people to start using racial slurs.

Piane’s support of Trump in his most recent tweets shouldn’t surprise anyone seeing as he spoke in favor of Trump during the election, but Piane’s criticisms against RuPaul and company certainly decrease the likelihood of his future involvement with the show. In December 2016, Piane started a crowdfunding page to create a “bomb ass” album. As of yet, it has only raised $55 of its $120,000 goal.

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