After Another Meltdown, Lucian Piane’s Twitter Account Has Finally Been Suspended

After Another Meltdown, Lucian Piane’s Twitter Account Has Finally Been Suspended

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Twitter just told Lucian Piane to “sashay away.”

After what seems to have been yet another meltdown, Lucian Piane’s Twitter account has been suspended.

A Twitter user said: “So now I guess I’m the girl that got Lucian Piane suspended from Twitter.”

Next, she tweeted the following:


Piane is a former fixture at RuPaul’s Drag Race who occasionally helped the queens with musical challenges. He also produced some of RuPaul’s music.

Piane started making headlines on gay blogs everywhere in Fall of 2016 when he posted his support for Donald Trump. On November 3, 2016, Piane generated controversy when he sent out a series of tweets and Instagram posts that implied the Clintons had murdered people, Michelle Obama was an “idiot” and various other conspiracies.

After that, and some other seemingly crazy posts on social media, commenters on Instagram and Twitter publicly wondered whether Piane was suffering from schizophrenia or on a drug binge, with many others comparing his public meltdown to that of actress and singer Amanda Bynes.

At one point, Piane referred to RuPaul as “the wisest n****r I know.” After weeks of posts indicating a possible mental breakdown—and fans clamoring for the world’s most famous drag legend to respond—RuPaul responded.

“Show some compassion. Please,” RuPaul tweeted out November 27, a post that was met with sincere agreement by some and outright refusal by others.

Then in February, Piane resumed publishing unhinged tweets. This time, praising professional hate-monger Milo Yiannopoulos and speaking out against RuPaul, the only person who pled compassion for Piane shortly after his meltdowns began in November.

He tweeted: “I once considered @RuPaul a good person. He is not. Don’t buy his sad, chicken-shit rubbish. THINK for YOURSELF. Be. Kind.”

He apologized a few days later but went on another meltdown in May aimed at Ariana Grande. He also announced his 2020 presidential bid.

We’re not quite sure exactly what got him kicked off Twitter this time, but we hope the door doesn’t hit him on the way out

We also sincerely hope he gets the help he needs, as many people on social media are worried for his safety and the safety of his mother. One of the last posts he Tweeted, he reportedly threatened his mother to be raped and killed.

You can still follow him on Instagram, as that account has yet to be shutdown.

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