Alt-Right ‘Twinks for Trump’ Leader Lucian Wintrich Once Played a Clown-Zombie in ‘Vamp Bikers 3’

Alt-Right ‘Twinks for Trump’ Leader Lucian Wintrich Once Played a Clown-Zombie in ‘Vamp Bikers 3’

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Before becoming a journalist, Lucian Wintrich had a career appearing in campy B-movies opposite porn stars, club kids and Michael Musto.

Page Six reports that Wintrich, who is now a White House correspondent, appears in the film Vamp Bikers 3 opposite Michael Alig, Ron Jeremy, Lillo Brancato and Musto.

His role? A clown-zombie.

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Wintrich told them, “I actually quit that movie after filming one scene. Musto was a sweetheart, but I decided that I wasn’t in line with some of the unsavory folks involved.”

But it’s cool to chill with savory folks like Milo Yiannopoulos? Eye roll.

“He was great at playing a zombie!” Musto told us. When asked if he fucked the ‘Twinks for Trump’ leader, Musto responded, “I don’t fuck Republicans. They fuck themselves.”

When’s he not littering gossip rag headlines, Wintrich is busy attending daily press briefings as a correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, an alt-right blog started by Jim Hoft. Hoft looks more like a vamp biker than a media entrepreneur. It’s a shame he missed the casting call.

Recently, The New Yorker‘s Andrew Marantz profiled Lucian Wintrich. He writes:

One Sunday afternoon in February, Lucian Wintrich was in his studio apartment in the East Village, washing down a mouthful of vitamins with a lukewarm takeout latte. He was leaving for Washington, D.C., within the hour. “I’m a bit hungover, I’m sorry to report,” he said. “Hardly the ideal way to make my grand D.C. entrance, but so be it.” He sent a text to his boyfriend, lit a cigarette, and started to pack. His walls were covered with framed art, including a line drawing of a woman, gagged and strapped to an imaginary instrument of sexual torture, and photographs of several seminude young men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, which were from Wintrich’s “Twinks 4 Trump” series. “Good art should be transgressive,” he said. “These days, it seems, the best way to be transgressive is simply to be a white, male, proudly pro-American conservative.”

The New Yorker’s profile gives us a look inside Wintrich’s warped existence. Ultimately, it paints him as a pawn of Donald Trump’s, used to troll the media from within the White House briefing room.

To conclude, we wish he’d stick with being a zombie.

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