That Time Luigi Was Accused of Promoting Lesbianism

Remember That Time Luigi Was Accused of Promoting Lesbianism?

Luigi of the beloved Mario Brothers video game franchise has worn many hats: plumber, adventurer and, apparently, lesbian rights activist.

Houston Press writes, “In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Luigi celebrates good shots with an L-shaped hand gesture. Some interpreted that as the American Sign Language word for ‘lesbian,’ and it caused a very mild controversy.”

Here’s a clip showing the gesture in action:

Is he really signing the word “lesbian”? Probably not. He’s using the wrong hand, as this clip demonstrates:

The plumber is probably signing “L” for “Luigi.”

But the Mario Brothers are strongly pro-LGBTQ. The series has featured a trans character (Birdo) since Super Mario 2. And the helpful ghost Vivian in Super Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Girl is trans as well.

So Luigi’s not spelling it out, but he probably is a staunch lesbian ally.


(Header image via El Mundo Tech)