This Texas Boy’s Rendition of ‘Let It Go’ Stole the Show and Left Idina Menzel Speechless

This Texas Boy’s Rendition of ‘Let It Go’ Stole the Show and Left Idina Menzel Speechless

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Idina Menzel was left speechless after 11-year-old Luke Chacko wowed her with his insane vocals.

Usually during her shows, Menzel brings up a gaggle of youngins – usually girls – to help her sing her hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. In Grand Prairie, Texas, Chacko joined the group and got up on stage, too.

The only boy, Menzel approached him and asked if he knew what song she was performing.

“’Let It Go,’ obviously!” said Chacko to the laughter of the crowd. “What kind of question is that?”

“Let me just tell you what I’ve been through, ok,” said the singer. “In the last few months, I have been to a couple of cities and every time a boy comes up, he tells me he doesn’t really like this song. And then one time even, he said he liked Justin Timberlake and that song from Trolls. ”

“Heck to the no!” Luke exclaimed. “I’m offended.”

A laughing Menzel handed the microphone to Chacko and requested he sing the chorus of “Let It Go.” He blew the audience away with his insane vocals. Menzel even requested an encore, since the audience’s cheers drowned out part of his performance.

“Can you all just shut up for a minute and let him sing it again?” she asked. Afterward, Menzel remarked, “I can’t sing like that!”

“You’re very special,” she said when he was finished.

Chacko spoke to E! News and said singing with Menzel had always been a “dream” of his. “I practice all the time, so I was prepared but I certainly didn’t expect that she would ever really ask me to come on stage and sing with her.”

“It was a great experience. Idina was very kind to my mom, my sister Halle and me. She made us all feel special, and she was really funny.”

Watch Luke Chacko sing “Let It Go” with Idina Menzel:

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