Those Luke Evans Nude Pics May Be Fake, But Here’s Authentic Video of the Sexy Actor’s Bare Butt

Those Luke Evans Nude Pics May Be Fake, But Here’s Authentic Video of the Sexy Actor’s Bare Butt

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Some nude pictures recently surfaced that had the world gagging over a naked Luke Evans, but as it turns out, they weren’t actually him. The good people over at OMG Blog did make up for the Luke Evans nude pic gaffe by sharing some video clips of his booty instead, much to our delight.

Originally, OMG Blog alleged that Evans, who played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, “got drunk and went on a Cam4 to show his stuff to unsuspecting viewers! He’s generous with himself!”

A lot of commenters posted with outrage. One person said: “I don’t usually care whether or not the pics are authentic, but that is NOT Luke Evans. It’s stupid to even suggest it.”

OMG Blog owned up to the mistake and posted their doubt about the Luke Evans nude pics, too. Instead, they tried to remedy their mistake and post video of Evans’ authentic, bare butt instead.

While we’re lusting over the idea of Luke Evans full-frontal, we’ll just settle for his bum below.

The 37-year-old Welsh actor came out as gay at the age of 22 but has kept notoriously discreet about his personal life ever since.

Speaking to The Jackal, he explained: “I try to keep my personal life and my private life separate. Not for any reason other than there’s a clue in the title – it’s private.”

“As an actor, you have to keep some sort of enigma and mystery. There’s a dignity to keeping private. I’m trying to keep a bit of dignity to my private life and to protect the people in my life.”

In 2014, the Spanish media reported that he was in a relationship with model Jon Kortajarena. The couple ended their relationship in 2016.

“(I’m treating it as an opportunity for) finding contentment with myself, and not relying on anybody else to validate it,” he told Mr. Porter magazine. “I think being an only child has hindered that slightly because I’ve always wanted to be around other people.”

Evans is currently promoting his latest film Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman which details the life of Dr. William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman. The films debuts this Friday, October 13th.

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