Beloved Texas Queer Bar Mable Peabody’s Closes Down Unexpectedly

Beloved Texas Queer Bar Mable Peabody’s Closes Down Unexpectedly

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Mable Peabody’s Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair, the only queer bar in Denton, Texas (a university town located one hour north of Dallas) closed down this weekend after nearly 37 years in operation. The bar closed without notice or explanation, surprising its undergraduate and local crowd and stranding the organizers of its weekly queer variety show, Glitterbomb.

The local news website announced the bar’s closure this weekend in a post updated yesterday morning. The post read:

A producer from the bar confirmed, via personal communication with owners Kelly Sanders, yesterday that Mable’s will close. Patrons who made their way to the bar last night said this was the bar’s last night of operations.

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The aforementioned producer is likely either Lillith Karen Grey or Chloe McDowell, the producers of Glitterbomb, a weekly queer variety show featuring burlesque, drag performers, dancers, singers and musical acts tailored to different themes like video games, genderqueer pride, junk food and broadway hits.

Neither Sanders nor the bar have issued an official comment on its closing. As such, there has been no official explanation for the bar’s closure. Bar patrons have been lamenting the bar’s sudden closure on reddit and Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Grey assured Glitterbomb’s devoted following that the show’s producers are seeking a replacement venue for the weekly Thursday night show. While many other local bars accept patrons 18 and older to accommodate the 37,973 students attending the local University of North Texas, none are specifically queer bars, though many are LGBTQ-friendly.

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Bar patron <span class="fwb fcg" data-ft="{"tn":";"}">Brittany Lewis visited Mable Peabody’s on its final night of operation and wrote the following in a public Facebook post:

I didn’t just walk away from a bar last night… I walked away from one of my homes for the very last time. This place meant so much more to me then anyone could imagine…. I met the love of my life here. I performed my first and so far only three burlesque acts here….

I could go here when I wanted to celebrate. I could go here when I was sad. I could go here when I was angry. And no matter how I was feeling I would have the best time. I’m going to miss everything about this place. Thank you Mable Peabody’s for being one of my homes and taking care of me whether you know you did or not. I love you all so very much.



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