Mac Finally Comes Out as Gay on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Mac Finally Comes Out as Gay on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

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It’s been hinted and joked about since the series’ beginning, but Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has finally come out of the closet. This time for real, for real.

“I dunno, maybe I’ll stay out,” Mac openly admits. “I think I’m out now. Yeah, I’m gay. Actually feels pretty good.”

Many people thought Mac came out last March, however as the blog Consequence of Sound points out: “At the end of ‘The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 1,’ Mac comes out to the gang after meeting (and boning?) two gay Christians. His revelation didn’t last, however; at the end of ‘The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 2,’ Mac embraces heteronormativity once again after he credits their survival of a shipwreck with ‘the Big Guy.’ ”

But that all changed last night. We didn’t actually watch last night’s episode because who has TV these days? Luckily for us, the good people over at TV Guide do!

They recap the pivotal scene:

Somehow, the insanity goes up a notch further. In order to gain possession of the ticket, Mac has to admit (to a new arbiter; the last one couldn’t take any more) he’s gay, which he resists — even after Dennis drags in, as evidence, Mac’s customized bicycle that’s also clearly a very aggressive sex toy. If you still had teeth after your mouth when your jaw dropped here, kudos.

But then Mac says he’s gay to get the lotto ticket. Yes, Mac said he was gay last season (on that gay Christian cruise) but this time, the moment is played with sincerity and the slow, sensitive score that implies he really did mean it. After nearly a decade of toying with the gag, Mac’s denial seems to finally be over — and all it took was being called a rhymes-with-baguette and $10,000 cash. See you at Pride, buddy.

It’s Always Sunny has been one of our favorite shows for a long time, even if one of their longest running jokes is made at our community’s expense. But if you’re a true Always Sunny stan, crass and offensive humor doesn’t easily phase you.

This isn’t the first time coming out has been a pivotal moment in the life of actor Rob McElhenney who plays Mac. McElhenney’s mom came out when he was eight after leaving their family to find herself. Even after she left and found a new partner, his mom and dad remained very close. As a teenager, McElhenney moved in with her and and her partner in New Jersey.

We look forward to seeing how Mac’s coming out evolves his character on the show. Maybe Mac gets a boyfriend? Like TV Guide suggests, maybe we will see him at Pride? Will Mac explore Philadelphia’s Gayborhood with the gang? Will there be an awkward sex scene where Mac bottoms for the “first time” and shits all over the bed?

A new chapter has been written for Mac’s book and we can’t wait to read it.

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