Macron vs. Trudeau: Twitter Erupts in Debate Over the Foxiest Francophone In Charge

Macron vs. Trudeau: Twitter Erupts in Debate Over the Foxiest Francophone In Charge

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The world is reveling in the fact that Emmanuel Macron has beaten his far-right opposition, Marine Le Pen, to become the next president of France. It was a heated election, as many young gay French men had surprisingly pledged their support to Le Pen.

Now, as Macron is settling into his role as the next French president, he has already been thrown into yet another heated debate, this time regarding his youthful, sexy appeal.

People have begun comparing Macron to a different young-and-attractive world leader, he with a booty sculpted by the gods: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This has led to an all-out Twitter war to decide who is the HFIC (Hottest Francophone In Charge).

It all started with Macron’s rise to power and many people getting to know his inherent sexiness (and the lack thereof in America’s current president).

Jokes were made about the newest hottie to join other world leaders.

And then the question was posed.

The world knew this was not an easy decision to be made.

Many sided with Trudeau and his rugged Canadian appeal.

While many were quick to dispute that, crowning Macron with the title.

But one thing everyone can agree on is that we can’t wait to see these two men in the same room, oozing their smoldering French charm and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

And in the meantime, we’ll just have to look to the internet to satisfy our urges.

So, who do you think wins in the battle of Macron vs. Trudeau?

Who is the sexier politician?

Emmanuel Macron
Justin Trudeau

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