Madonna Calls Trump’s Sons ‘Pussies’, Endorses Clinton

Madonna Calls Trump’s Sons ‘Pussies’, Endorses Clinton

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Madonna doesn’t screw around — that’s why we love her. When she found a photo from 2011 of Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. holding up the corpse of a leopard they’d killed on safari, the Material Girl called them out on Instagram:

Admittedly, her caption is typo-riddled and features creative capitalization — but who cares when she’s right. Well, except for one thing — real pussies are amazing! What other body part can stretch out large enough to pass a baby through and then go back to normal, no sweat? Besides, we’re pretty sure anyone with the Trump name lacks the warmth and depth.

Madonna’s not alone in finding this picture disgusting. Sharon Osbourne also posted a version:

What might be worse about this whole thing? The Trump brothers didn’t even come about their hunt honestly — they’re big fans of what’s known as “canned hunting“. Canned hunting is when businesses sell hunting packages. They breed their own animals, then put them in an enclosed area, and charge wannabe big game hunters for each animal they kill. The service the Trumps enjoy is “Hunting Legends,” a South African company that also offers hunting in Argentina and North America.

Hunting Legends, however, claims that they are also devoted to conservation. Their argument is that since there’s a market for hunting exotic animals, they’re keeping species alive that would otherwise be wiped out in the wild. Sadly, they may be right — illegal hunting and changing climates have caused many African species to dwindle in number.

Still — we’re not convinced the opposite of “wild animals going extinct” is “breed them so rich people can kill them.” If only animal sanctuaries existed… oh wait, those are totally a thing. At least leopards aren’t endangered — they’re classified as “near threatened“.

Either way, we agree with Madonna — killing a leopard on a canned hunt isn’t brave or commendable. It’s pathetic. Pathetic someone needs to kill an animal for no other reason than a trophy and to feel big about murdering a living creature.