Despite Uncomfortable Questions, Madonna Adopts Twins from Malawi

Despite Uncomfortable Questions, Madonna Adopts Twins from Malawi

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Can Beyoncé not have her fifteen minutes of twins glory? Madonna has gone and adopted twin girls herself, because just like us Madonna wants to be like Beyoncé, too.

The Guardian reports:

The singer, who had previously denied she was visiting the country with a view to adopting more children, was given permission by the Malawian high court on Tuesday to adopt the four-year-olds Stella and Esther.

Mlenga Mvula, a judicial spokesman, said: “I can confirm that Madonna has been granted an adoption order for two children.”

Billboard reports that Madonna was asked “uncomfortable questions” by the judge in Malawi overseeing her application process. “The petitioner is a professional performer and I guarded myself against the danger of her merely reciting a well-rehearsed speech by asking her some rather uncomfortable questions to which she gave very candid answers,” Judge Fiona Mwale said in her ruling.

A professional performer? She is an actress, singer, gay icon and diva!

We are very happy for Madonna and hope the twin girls have an easy time settling into their new home. She has been popping up in headlines the past few weeks quite a lot. First with her epic speech at the Billboard music awards, then with news of a gay film she is producing and finally with her threatening speech at the Women’s March that left the White House and conservatives in a tizzy.

Hopefully, motherhood doesn’t stop her from putting out new music soon. The resistance needs the music of Mother Madge. We may need her now more than ever.

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