22 Major League Baseball Teams are Hosting LGBT Pride Nights This Season

22 Major League Baseball Teams are Hosting LGBT Pride Nights This Season

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For decades, the LGBT community and the world of professional sports haven’t been mutually exclusive. Many queer people have had traumatic experiences as children involving sports, from teasing in the locker rooms to the anxiety of being picked last in gym class, and it pushed the world of sports far away from us. But in 2018, LGBT Pride Nights are officially ‘a thing,’ and in baseball alone, 22 major league teams are hosting them during the upcoming season.

Many professional sports institutions have struggled to figure out how to include the LGBT community, but the fast few years we’ve seen a change. One of the important developments that have been made are the inclusion of these Pride nights on a sports team’s calendar, in which teams specifically dedicate one night of the season to the LGBT community.

Major League Baseball has especially advanced in this area, and during this upcoming season 22 major league baseball teams are hosting LGBT pride nights. Our friends over at OutSports compiled a list of teams that are making a difference by inviting and celebrating our community.

It’s just one small step in the right direction. Even if you’re not an avid baseball fan, take a look at the list below and see if your local team is on the list. Consider buying a ticket or taking out a group of friends to show these sports leagues that we’re here, we’re queer and we appreciate their support.

Washington Nationals’ 2017 LGBT Pride Night

The 22 Major League Baseball Team hosting LGBT Pride Nights are:

San Diego Padres: Friday, April 27 vs. N.Y. Mets

Colorado Rockies: Friday, June 1 vs. L.A. Dodgers. Tickets

Washington Nationals: Tuesday, June 5, vs. Tampa Bay. Tickets

Boston Red Sox: Thursday, June 7 vs. Detroit. Tickets

Tampa Bay Rays: Friday, June 8 vs. Seattle. Tickets

Toronto Blue Jays: Friday, June 8 vs. Baltimore. Tickets

Oakland Athletics: Friday, June 8 vs. Kansas City. Tickets

Los Angeles Dodgers: Friday, June 8 vs. Atlanta. Tickets

Chicago Cubs: Pride Day Sunday, June 10 vs. Pittsburgh. Tickets

Seattle Mariners: Saturday, June 16 vs. Boston. Tickets

San Francisco Giants: Thursday, June 21 vs. San Diego. Tickets 

Milwaukee Brewers: Thursday, June 21 vs. St. Louis. Tickets

Atlanta Braves: Friday, June 22 vs. Baltimore. Tickets

Baltimore Orioles: Wednesday, June 27 vs. Seattle. Tickets

Washington Nationals’ 2017 LGBT Pride Night

Philadelphia Phillies: Thursday, June 28 vs. Washington. Tickets

Arizona Diamondbacks: Friday, June 29 vs. San Francisco. Tickets

Pittsburgh Pirates: Sunday, July 8 vs. Philadelphia. Tickets

Minnesota Twins: Monday, July 9 vs. Kansas City. Tickets

New York Mets: Saturday, Aug. 4 vs. Atlanta. Tickets

St. Louis Cardinals: Friday, Aug. 17 vs. Milwaukee. Tickets

Chicago Cubs will also host Out at Wrigley, Sunday, Aug. 26 vs. Cincinnati. Tickets

Chicago White Sox: to be announced

Kansas City Royals: to be announced

What do you think of Major League Baseball hosting these LGBT pride nights? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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