Here’s What Your ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Really Means in 2017

Here’s What Your ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Really Means in 2017

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So, first the mean, then we’ll get to the nice stuff.

I just don’t get the idea of a maggot that undergoes metamorphosis to turn into a different-shaped maggot. We’ve seen the Confederate Uniform become the white hood of the KKK, then become proud waving of the Confederate Flag more than a century after the Civil War, then become the Make America Great Again hat of the Trump administration. The sentiment is unchanged. It’s still the same maggot it always was.

I love clothes as a statement of identity. But why does someone want to wear hatred as a brand? With the Make America Great Again hat we’re talking about a style choice that only communicates one thing: No coloreds.

Now, before you think I’m not coming for you, too, LGBTQ community, just wait. Let’s talk about our own maggots, shall we? Don’t go about your day thinking that if you’ve got “Not into (insert race)” in your app profile that you’re not wearing a Make America Great Again hat of your own. We see you. This “it’s not prejudice, it’s preference” crap has got to go.

Here’s the thing: All of this is something I understand. We do this every day in our social media-driven lives. We wrap ourselves in the taffeta and silk of our like-seeks-like internet bubbles. There’s a reason why these used to be flags (big red flags in fact), because we’re waving them to seek support. But truth is coming, so take your flag and drop it in that anti-gay Salvation Army bin where it belongs.

Now for the nice stuff.

Hey, gurl. Look at me. I love you. My brand is love. The clothing I make for BLACKCALLA by BCALLA is about being beyond brown; beyond colored. We need to look beyond race and beyond gender norms if we’re gonna be real.

I think you agree with me, but we’re gonna need to take an honest look at ourselves. What’s right, what’s hurtful, what’s comfortable and what’s joyful need to be woven into the fabric of who we are and the message of love we send.

Otherwise we’re all just maggots and we’ll never be butterflies flying free.

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