bully, homophobia, ptsd, trauma
bully, homophobia, ptsd, trauma

Make America Hate Again: Anti-LGBTQ Bullying Has Gotten Worse Since the Election

A new survey by the Human Rights Campaign shows that anti-LGBTQ bullying has gotten worse since the 2016 election.

NBC News writes:

Seventy percent of those surveyed reported witnessing bullying, hate messages or harassment during or since the November election. Of those who witnessed such behavior, 79 percent said it occurred more frequently following the start of the campaign.

Much of that bullying is racist or sexist, but a good chunk of it is aimed at queer people, too:

Among the 70 percent of young people who reported witnessing bullying, hate messages or harassment, a majority said the troubling behavior was motivated by bias. Seventy percent had witnessed incidents motivated by race or ethnicity, 63 percent by sexual orientation, 59 percent by immigration status and 55 percent by gender.

The reasons are obvious. The GOP anointed a hateful, cruel leadership, and now our nation’s children are following suit.