Watch This Male Escort Agency Owner Discuss the Ins and Outs (Heh) of His Business

Watch This Male Escort Agency Owner Discuss the Ins and Outs (Heh) of His Business

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Garren James is a former male model who founded Cowboys 4 Angels, a male escort site where women can date “straight elite male companions” for an hourly rate. You may recognize him and his roster of sexy guys from the Showtime series Gigolos, which for several seasons has followed male escorts and their female clients (what’s the female equivalent of a “john”?) in Las Vegas.

James recently spoke to The New York Post about the ins and outs (pun very much intended) of his business, as well as common misconceptions people have about male escorts.

Although his site currently has a bunch of shirtless, muscular escorts to choose from, James says that when he was invited to make this 2014 appearance on The Tyra Banks Show, the site was populated with fake bios for the roughly 25 men he had working for him.

As James is forced to say under U.S. law, his escorts are paid only for company, not to have sex, but if sex happens between a client and his escort, that’s between them. Of course, anyone who has watched an episode of Gigolos is pretty familiar with what goes on behind closed doors.

“If somebody calls the agency and they clearly make their intention that they are looking for a sexual service, then that conversation will go no further,” James tells The New York Post.


Watch the male escort agency owner’s recent interview with The New York Post:


James claims he learned how to run his business from a woman who had an agency offering female escorts to men. Afterwards, he went online and found there was no agency offering men for women.

He says the most difficult parts of running the business have been finding quality escorts, arranging dates between clients and escorts and then following up. He adds that a lot of his clients are younger, successful women, and that male escorts can make about $1,200 for a four-hour appointment, $2,500 for an overnight appointment, $3,500 for a 24-hour appointment and $6,000 for a weekend appointment.

In a 2015 interview with The Huffington Post, James got touchy when asked about his role as a consultant on the Showtime reality TV series Gigolos. The show featured three escorts from James’ company and, according to James, the women on the show were paid to go on dates with the men.

The men of Cowboys 4 Angels

What’s strange is that the women on Gigolos did have sex with their escorts, which somewhat refutes the brand image that James likes to portray of his men not being sex workers. Furthermore, since the women were paid to have sex for a reality show, that makes them sex workers, too, in a sort of softcore porn fantasy.

James got uncomfortable talking about the production of the show during his Huffington Post interview (he claimed he was contractually obligated not to discuss details of its creation) and quickly wrapped up and walked out.


Here is the male escort agency owner’s  2015 interview with HuffPo:


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