Here’s Why We Love These 10 Male Underwear Models Best (NSFW)

Here’s Why We Love These 10 Male Underwear Models Best (NSFW)

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In our earliest days, we spent way too much time ogling over the male underwear models in the International Male catalog, and our love of male underwear models has continued ever since. We can’t get enough of their lean bodies, magnificent muscles, handsome faces and bulging baskets, so we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite, sexiest male underwear models to share with you. We’ve also added a little background on what makes each one so especially sexy. Enjoy!

1. David Gandy

Gandy is a 37-year-old who was named the third most successful model by Forbes in 2009. He regularly models men’s fashion and writes car reviews for British GQ.

2. Alex Minsky

While most male underwear models fit a conventional mold of muscularity, Minsky has distinguished himself by being one of the few male underwear models with a disability. As a Marine, he lost his leg in 2009 when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. He later devoted his life to fitness and became an internet sensation after doing a nude photoshoot with Los Angeles photographer Michael Stokes.

3. Bobby Chan

Chan came to prominence a few years back modeling Baskit Underwear for British photographer Paul Reiffer. Reiffer definitely captured Chan’s lean, bulging bod in a light that shows off all his best assets.

4. Nelson Paes

Nelson Paes is not only an Indian male underwear model, he’s also a mixed martial arts fighter with three wins and two losses. It’s hardly surprising considering how much of a knockout he is.

5. Ngo Okafor

Okafor is probably one of the most versatile male underwear models on this list. Not only has he appeared in several magazine shoots and a handful of TV and film projects, but he’s also a Golden Gloves boxing champ and a personal trainer.

6. Matthew Lewis

If Lewis looks familiar, perhaps that’s because you know him better as Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter film series. Lewis left Hogwarts and famously appeared in an underwear shoot for Attitude magazine back in 2015. Though he isn’t a professional underwear model, the pics from that shoot certainly cast a spell on us.

7. Rodiney Santiago

You might remember this 35-year-old Brazilian male underwear model from Logo’s The A-List New York, a reality show about several catty friends in the big city. Santiago was one of the show’s sweetest personalities, and he was definitely one of the hottest. He continues his professional modeling career to this day.

8. Djimon Hounsou

At age 52, Hounsou is one of the oldest men on this list, but he’s also one of the most accomplished. The Beninese-American actor and model began his modeling career in the late ’80s after being encouraged by openly gay fashion designer Thierry Mugler. He has since appeared in films like Amistad, Gladiator, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more, and he’s also been nominated for a Golden Globe and two Academy Awards. 

9. Avtar Bajwa

Bajwa hails from the Indian state of Punjab and practices the Sikh religion. Although he’s less well-known outside of India, he’s also a music fan, an avid cinema lover and a self-professed “fitness freak.”

10. Hidetoshi Nakata

This Japanese-born male underwear model made his biggest splash when he appeared in a 2010 photo campaign for Calvin Klein X’s underwear collection. You’ll notice he’s one of the few models on our list who actually showed his backside. Thanks for giving us what we really want, Nakata.

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