Man Slashed and Disfigured By Two Men After Being Called A ‘Fag’

Man Slashed and Disfigured By Two Men After Being Called A ‘Fag’

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The image above is almost unbearable to look at. An English chef was disfigured in the streets of Manchester after refusing a stranger a cigarette and being called a fag.

As reported by Manchester Evening News, Lee Michael, 23, was brutally stabbed in the cheek and the neck after being trailed by two men as he walked home through Manchester’s city center.

Walking home in the wee hours of Monday morning, Michael became suspicious of two men following him. He stopped to let them pass when one of the men asked for a ‘fag’, to which the other man replied with a homophobic comment: “You’re already looking at one.”

Evening News reports:

The chef said: “I was panicking. I didn’t know what was going on. They slashed right through my cheek and neck. I was completely covered in blood. I was taken to hospital where I had to have three layers of stitching. They had slashed through the skin, tissue and fat. There were deep cuts across my face and now my face has swollen and I look like the elephant man.”

The two suspects have been described by Michael as in their late 20’s, one skinny and the other one, who attacked him, was of stocky build.

Police have not stated whether or not they will treat the incident as a hate crime.

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