Man Goes Unpunished After Killing Drunk, Gay Man At Party News

Man Goes Unpunished After Killing Drunk, Gay Man At Party

Written by Kevin Farrell on March 27, 2017
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Paul Michalik, killed.
Let me get this straight correct:

  • Paul Michalik and his partner, Jerry Lee Chambers, went to a house party at Brian Brothers’ house.
  • Michalik got buttfaced drunk (Almost three times the legal limit) and pushed Brothers.
  • Brothers beat Michalik to death, carried him out on the front lawn, and left him outside to die with Chambers – and refused to call for medical help.
  • Brothers has been cleared of criminal charges, citing self defense.
Say what now? Wane.com reports:
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to file charges against Brian Brothers in connection with the May death of Paul Michalik.

Brian Brothers not charged in Michalik death: wane.com

Michalik was found dead on Monte Carlo Drive in Huntertown after a fight with Brothers and was determined to have died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. The prosecutor’s office decided not to file charges because they believe Brothers acted in self defense. Chambers told police they were beaten because they were gay. He said Brothers had punched and kicked Michalik in the face, head and body multiple times as he tried to get Michalik out of his home. Wednesday, NewsChannel 15 spoke with Chambers over the phone. He said he is disappointed with the prosecutor’s decision. All he wants is to tell his side. “To tell the truth so help me God is all I want in a just court system,” said Chambers.
Is there something we’re missing here? We’ve read the news release three times trying to understand how beating someone to death, dragging them out of your home, and then refusing to call for medical help falls under the umbrella of “self defense,” whether you were pushed first or not. I am pushed all of the time. In fact, on my way into a noodle house today for a steaming bowl of pho, my (ex?)friend Dusty from Scenic Boys accidentally pushed me and we knocked over an entire table full of forks. Smash! Clang! Every single patron looking at us with contempt. But did I turn around and beat Dusty to death and drag his corpse out onto the sidewalk before ordering my Pho Ga? Of course not. So why exactly is Brothers off the hook here? Especially considering the heightened scrutiny the case should be examined under since Chambers, now a widower, has told officers that Brothers killed Michalik because of his sexuality. This case should be investigated as a hate crime, not outright dismissed. So what gives, Indiana? Via Wane.com

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