Man Goes Viral After Masochistic “Woman”

Man Goes Viral After Masochistic “Woman”

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We’re not at Sundance, and we don’t care. Really, we don’t.  (Actually, we are maddeningly jealous that many of our friends and family are frolicking amidst the glitterati!).

And this one man might have wished that he didn’t go to Sundance at all, after seeing Lucky McKee’s new movie The Woman.  He got all hot-headed and outraged after sitting through what are supposedly some unbelievably gruesome images of a family that uses rape and torture to “civilize” a feral woman.

He goes on about how he thinks this film should be banned and burned, and how he cannot believe that there were people in the theater cheering when the rapes were being depicted.

While this couldn’t be any better promotion for the film – a viral controversy never hurt anyone – it also raises some questions about just how far is too far.  There are coercive and corrective rapes occuring to homosexuals in many third-world countries. It’s a terrible phenomenon that is actually happening.

Is depicting rape unnecessary?

Is a sadistic, misogynistic, sexploitation film appropriate in a world where suggestive violence seems to lead to all kinds of tragedies?

Does this video make you want to see the film?

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