This Man Patrols the Streets of Manchester Looking for Hate Crimes

This Man Patrols the Streets of Manchester Looking for Hate Crimes

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After a friend of his was victimized by homophobic violence, Manchester man Robbie Stone joined a group called the Village Angels. Now he spends Friday and Saturday nights patrolling the streets, looking for hate crimes.

The Village Angels aren’t vigilantes. They’re more like a neighborhood watch organization. Members keep an eye out for hate crimes on Canal Street and call the appropriate authorities when needed. According to their website, the Village Angels also help people get home safely and offer first aid services to anyone who gets hurt on a night out.

Pink News writes:

After seeing their work first-hand, Mr Stone was inspired to step up as a volunteer and become a Village Angel himself.

He explained: “I believe that it is important to stand up to hate crime as everyone is born equal and no one deserves to be a victim of hate crime.

“We need to challenge the opinions of people who carry out hate crime and try to educate them as to why it is wrong.”

(Header image via the Village Angels’ Twitter)

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