Man Slashed in the Face Outside of Crown Fried Chicken: ‘I Was Gay-Bashed’

Man Slashed in the Face Outside of Crown Fried Chicken: ‘I Was Gay-Bashed’

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After hurling gay slurs, a man slashed and stabbed two men at a Crown Fried Chicken in Brooklyn, New York.

The Crown Fried Chicken where the attacks took place is a few blocks from gay club Langston in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. At around 5:00 am Sunday morning, the suspect entered the chicken shop and began yelling gay slurs and threats.

“All these faggots” the suspect shouted. “I’m gonna shoot this place up.”

He then hit a 34-year-old man in the face with a sharp object and tried to run off.

As he fled, the attacker, still shouting gay slurs, ran into a 24-year-old man who just left the club with a friend. After interacting with the suspect, he was stabbed once in the right shoulder and twice in the ribs.

Both victims were taken the to the hospital and had to receive treatment for their injuries. The first victim needed 18 stitches on his jaw and cheek to heal his wounds.

The 34-year-old victim wrote on Facebook:

“After all I’ve been thru these past couple of days I just sit back and thank God I’m alive and thank God for my friends and family who’ve been there for me. Always remember God had plan no matter good or bad! He’s kept me and I’m grateful.”

The man slashed in the face also told NBC 4:

“I was basically gay-bashed. I’m devastated at the fact that I live in the city that is surrounded by gay people,” said the 34-year-old victim. “And the fact that we have to be victimized. That we can’t even go out to have a good time is crazy to me.”

Recently, a gay couple in Key West was attacked there by a man shouting slurs and his support for Donald Trump. “I bet you faggots voted for that bitch Hillary,” the suspect said to the couple. “Well, you live in Trump country now.”

The NYPD released surveillance video of the suspect in the Brooklyn case, described as black, between 20 and 26, and around 150 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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