Man Who Threatened ‘Orlando-Style Attack’ Could Get 5 Years in Prison

Man Who Threatened ‘Orlando-Style Attack’ Could Get 5 Years in Prison

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Remember Craig Jungwirth, the 50-year-old garbage human who recently threatened to kill a bunch of LGBTQ people in an ‘Orlando-style attack’? Despite his claims that “You can’t never catch a genius from MIT”, he was apparently arrested on Saturday for driving on a suspended license and then charged with a federal law prohibiting “any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another.” Good.

But wait, it gets worse (and by worse, we mean better). First, he was apparently too ashamed to even read the horrible threats he made:

“As investigators moved to show Jungwirth a copy of the threats made on Facebook, Jungwirth refused to read the Facebook statements and stated that he denied posting those threats, before investigators even had an opportunity to show him the purported threats,” according to the complaint. “Jungwirth then refused to speak further with agents and requested that they contact his lawyer.”

Second, he was supposed to have a hearing in front of a federal judge today, but a local Florida news anchorman, Bob Kealing, reported that Jungwirth got out of the hearing because of chest pains.

If we were facing up to five years in prison for making death threats against an entire community, we’d have chest pains too. Oh well. He could face a judge as early as tomorrow.

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