The Manchester Police Are Hunting for the Tram Attackers of 2 Gay Men

The Manchester Police Are Hunting for the Tram Attackers of 2 Gay Men

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According to media outlet Metro, two men have been attacked while traveling on the tram in Trafford, in the suburbs of Manchester, and had to be taken to hospital. Manchester police is now looking for the attackers of the two men and explains what happened. The two men where returning home on the night of Jan. 22, when one man and two women started a verbal altercation with the victims.

Police continues:

“They then launched a violent attack which left both men needing hospital treatment, say police.

Officers are trying to identify the two people pictured and describe one of the woman as white, with long brown hair in a ponytail and under a dark cap.”

The police are showing pictures of the scene to help identify the persons involved in the homophobic attack, adding, “We take all reports of hate crimes extremely seriously and the message is clear—they will not and never will be tolerated in Greater Manchester.”

Last July, the UK government issued a plan to fight hate crimes, which encourages prosecutors to pursue tougher sentences for all hate crimes, including those targeting the LGBT community.

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