Manila Luzon Serves Up Wonder Woman in This Porn-tastic Justice League Music Video

Manila Luzon Serves Up Wonder Woman in This Porn-tastic Justice League Music Video

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Last month, released Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody featuring sexy studs starring as different DC Comics superheroes, with Manila Luzon from RuPaul’s Drag Race playing Wonder Woman. Today, we got to see a Manila Luzon Justice League behind-the-scenes video with her lip-synching to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero,” and it’s kind of wonderful.

Luzon serves up some serious face and superheroine glamour as she whips around her raven locks, deep-throats her sword and rubs the Lasso of Truth between her comely thighs. It’s almost enough to make a gay geek go bi.

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Even better, it shows her clowning around with porn stars François Sagat as Aquaman, Johnny Rapid as the Flash, Brandon Cody as Superman, Ryan Bones as Batman and he who shall not be named as Green Lantern. Yes, the film replaced the Justice League‘s black superhero with a Trump voter, but at least they hired a half-Filipino drag superstar to play DC Comics’ best film superhero.


Here’s the Manila Luzon Justice League lip synch video: has become the go-to porn studio for pop-culture-inspired porn parodies. Over the last two years, they’ve released ones for the cancelled queer-friendly sci-fi series Sense8, David Lynch’s avant-garde TV series Twin Peaks, the space opera epic Star Wars, the superhero rivalry of Batman v. Superman and the monster-catching mobile game Pokémon Go.

In a statement, said that the Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody “explores society’s fascination with superheroes while delving into the inevitable sexual relationships that our famed superheroes turn to in times of danger and chaos.”

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That being said, the Justice League porn parody also released their final group sex scene with all the aforementioned porn star superheroes getting it on. Sadly, Luzon isn’t the scene making weird faces and lip-syching to Bonnie Tyler.


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