The Best ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Vid Features Rugby Players in the Shower (NSFW)

The Best ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Vid Features Rugby Players in the Shower (NSFW)

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It was only last week that we reported on the world’s most popular naked athletes, the Warwick Rowers, who each year release a calendar of the team in the buff. This year, their calendar promo vid was actually banned from YouTube, though you can watch it here. But now here comes another sports team—this time SHU Rugby—who likes to strip down for cameras.

SHU Rugby has put out nude calendars for charity causes since 2006—benefitting Prostate Cancer UK, Help for Heroes and The Exotic Pet Refuge, among others, and claiming to have raised north of £50,000—but now they’ve decided to take advantage of social media’s latest viral video craze, the “Mannequin Challenge.”

If you’re not familiar, the challenge typically involves a group of participants holding a pose—like a mannequin—for an extended period of time while a camera captures it all for posterity.

Check out the video here, but be forewarned, the video is NSFW.

If you like what you see, you can purchase SHU’s 2017 Rugby Nude Charity Calendar (and the ‘making of’ video) here.

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