Watch These Mannequins Get Horribly Maimed by 4th of July Fireworks (Video)

Watch These Mannequins Get Horribly Maimed by 4th of July Fireworks (Video)

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that firework injuries in 2016 landed 11,100 people into the hospital. Of those injuries 1,300 came from firecrackers, 900 from sparklers, 500 from Roman candles and 400 from bottle rockets. Four people injured by fireworks later died.

So to demonstrate the potential danger of fireworks, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants you to watch this grisly video of mannequins being horribly maimed and disfigured by holiday explosives. It’s four-minutes of head-popping, eye-gouging and hand-destroying madness. Enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, boys and men ages 10 to 24 are the ones who injure themselves most with fireworks, more often than any other gender or age group. Equally unsurprising, July is the month with the most fireworks-related injuries. It has, like, 14,000 more fireworks-related injuries than in any other month. Thanks a lot, founding fathers.

According to the CPSC, fireworks most commonly injure people’s hands, wrists and fingers. The second most common injuries occur on people’s faces, heads and necks — why, people????!?

A estimated 57% to 69% of the injuries come from burns, 16% involve bruises and 15.8% of the injuries result in “open wounds.” Think about that for a second: open wounds caused by a fireworks. Consider that the next time you think about holding an M-60 in your eye socket.

The injuries also result from how one uses fireworks. Holding a firework or lighting one too close to another person, for instance, can easily cause accidents. Projectile fireworks also sometimes tip over or fly off in unexpected directions too, making all of your friends sitting ducks in a patriotic holiday firing range.

It’s easy enough to avoid these injuries though, especially if you just keep the fireworks away from kids and drunk people. Don’t handle or throw them at others, be sure to secure the base of any mortar fireworks so they don’t tip over and make sure not to stand over any fireworks just before they detonate.

No matter how you deal with fireworks this holiday season, let this grisly video above be a lesson: Firecrackers will blow off your hands, set your clothes on fire, destroy your house and make your head explode like a watermelon.

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