Despite His Junk Popping Out for All to See, This Marathon Runner Finishes the Race (NSFW)

Despite His Junk Popping Out for All to See, This Marathon Runner Finishes the Race (NSFW)

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The Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia is the oldest marathon in Europe. Roughly 10,000 participants from all over the world attend to get a peek at the competition, the local medieval architecture and — this year only — a marathon runner’s penis. The penis belonged to Jozef Urban, a runner who ended up placing tenth.

Running shorts are typically lightweight and contain a pair of internal briefs to keep a runner’s penis and testicles comfortably in place. However, all the sweat and nonstop movement of a runner’s muscular thighs can cause the underwear’s fabric to stretch, possibly allowing some slippage.

To his credit, Urban doesn’t stop running, even after his genitals pop out of his right leg. He understands the optimum body movement and importance of keeping his stride. Even a momentary shift in running stance can shave precious seconds off of a runner’s time.

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Tucking his penis back in wouldn’t have guaranteed their secure placement in his shorts nor his secure placement in tenth place.

Please enjoy this totally NSFW video of a marathon runner’s penis:

What can we learn from the marathon runner’s penis?

It’s unsurprising that Urban’s penis emerged from his right leg as most men’s genitals tend to hang slightly to the right — a fact which compels many men’s clothing designers to add a bit more fabric on the right pant leg than on the left.

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Also, if you have an eagle eye, you might’ve noticed that one of Urban’s testicles dangles slightly lower than the other. This is also common.

In order to function properly, sperm cells contained within the testicles need to be kept at a temperature of roughly 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35.5 Celsius), and so the body slightly staggers each testicle’s length in order to keep one’s heat from affecting the other.


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