Arizona Republicans Used a Pic From Margaret Cho’s ’90s Sitcom to Illustrate Their ‘Diversity’

Arizona Republicans Used a Pic From Margaret Cho’s ’90s Sitcom to Illustrate Their ‘Diversity’

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Only 3.4% of Arizona’s population is Asian, which might explain why the Arizona Republican Party wasn’t able to find one to pose for their official website. Instead, they used a promotional image of bisexual Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho from her 1994 sitcom series All-American Girl.

On a now-missing section of their website, a page that simultaneously embraced racial diversity while rejecting race-based social policies, the Arizona GOP used the All-American Girl photo and captioned it “Asian-Americans.” Like, seriously … they basically just ripped it off the front of the DVD box.

And, Cho is most certainly not Republican. Her 2017 interview with CNN states:

“Cho said that Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are ‘appealing to people’s phobias, their ignorance and it’s appalling to watch.’ She also added that ‘both candidates are guilty of the same kinds of sexism, homophobia, racism, xenophobia.’”

The ‘All-American Girl’ image of Margaret Cho used on the official Arizona Republican Party website

Also, in 2008, when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain announced Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, Cho said, “I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11.”

The cover of the ‘All-American Girl’ box set

VICE News noticed the image on the Arizona GOP’s website. When they asked Cho for her thoughts, she compared it to a time in school when someone told her that the name of Duran Duran’s lead singer was Mike Hunt. (It’s actually Simon LeBon.) She went around school saying, “I love Mike Hunt” and even wrote it on her locker.

“I didn’t bother to research and paid the price of a dodgeball to the face,” Cho said. “[The Arizona Republican Party] got some bad information and ran with it. They deserve a dodgeball to the face.”

Later on, Cho’s co-star, openly gay Chinese-American actor B.D. Wong issued some hilarious tweets, saying, “OMG and they had no idea that at least two people in that photo were depraved sexual deviants,” and “I don’t remember for sure but I think I might’ve been sitting on a giant buttplug at this photo shoot. definitely was.”

Arizona Republican Party spokesperson Torunn Sinclair told VICE News, “As soon as this was brought to our attention, the page was taken down. This was obviously a mistake, and we apologize.”

The Arizona GOP should go and find a non-fictional Asian family who supports their policies. Surely they exist, even though only 25% of Asians identify as Republican.

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